Joseph means, “The Lord will add.”

I find it true; my Lord adds.  Blessings,  that are and that are yet to be.  Surrounding me.

My task; ask, seek, find.

I relate to My Father as creator.  I love creating.  The poems, stories, songs and images I share here are celebrations.  I found the Hidden Creator again.

This is my life in all it’s many colors.  Through lens and pen.  I found inspiration and creation here.  My prayer is that in this place, the Lord will add. 

Pilgrim and child

I am Joseph.

Image/Text © 2013 Joseph Bach

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Janet Horst said:

    Joe, I found your page from Carol’s post. Your writings are beautiful– our daughter , Krista used to write things like this and I never knew till she passed away and her husband showed me her books. Thank you so much for sharing yours. They make me think of her, and I wish she, too would have shared as you do. I will follow you, and read your– they are beautiful. You are truly gifted, so I appreciate you sharing your God given talent. Blessings to you, Janet Horst

    • Hi Janet –

      Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to follow my blog. Every day when I sit down to write a poem I am mindful of the parable of the rich man who questioned his servants about what they had done with the gift he had given them. It is my prayer that I can one day explain to our Gracious Father what I did with mine. I am sorry for your loss and would like to dedicate the blog for the 27th to Krista, to you and all she loved and left behind. I pray it is a blessing. She has shared her writings – just not in a way we would have preferred. Thanks again for following and God bless you!

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